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I’m sitting here going back to all the posts I wrote about that breakup.Its crazy how time can change everything. Couple months ago I was devasted because of what happened between us, and now look at me I’m over it. I accepted the fact that being over what happened doesn’t mean I won’t think about him or miss him or even sometimes get upset. Being over it is more like accepting the fact that he was given a choice and he made it. Nothing more nothing less, and forgetting the what ifs because I will never go back to that again. As much as my heart tries to find another way to forgive him my soul has already made the decision. He fooled me twice thinking the years we spent together was something special but in reality I was the only one in love. The one thing I love the most about how it ended is that I don’t hate him for it, he opened my eyes to something bigger. Its Apr30th.. I’m laying in bed and I can finally say I’m happy and I actually mean it.

A guy to go get breakfast with, watch some movies with, travel the world with, do the stupidest shit with, we could fuck around, and someone who’ll fuck me good. We could be bestfriends, and secretly I’ll be in love with you but I won’t tell you cause I like the rush.. Years will pass on and we’ll both find our soulmates cause that’s just how life goes. But I’d be happy that I got to have you for a little while.

The greater the love, the greater the tragedy when it’s over.

Nicholas Sparks

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I’m over him, but its crazy how I told him before we broke up all we needed was to ride it out for 3 more months and we would have been together and look what happened now

I have been told sometimes the most healing thing we can do is remind ourselves over and over and over other people feel this too.

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I used to be on your page everyday; twitter and IG like a ritual and every time I found something new that either hurt or made me feel like there was hope. But couple weeks ago I realized you aren’t what I want anymore. My brain made a connection with my heart and it all makes sense bc I did learn a lot in our relationship but I think it was meant for someone else. The only thing that kept pulling me back was I wanted to know WHY. Why you did this to us again and why wasn’t I good enough. But I don’t even care anymore. I don’t even wanna know. That part of my life is slowly erasing and I think that’s how our story was supposed to end.

You had a good girl all the guys were crazy about . And all she wanted was you . To fuck something like that up.. I would hate to have that in the back of my mind